Just a simple WV girl, 20 y/o, studying Dietetics, and blogging my life-learned happiness of a healthy lifestyle. What is the secret? Go back to the basics...live simply.

Day 6:

I was a cooking machine yesterday and made my breakfast ahead. I made these cute egg white/bacon “muffins”. They’re soo easy and even more tasty!
-Wrap a piece of turkey bacon around muffin pan.
-Fill hole with egg whites, spinach, onion, turkey sausage, salt, pepper. Or, whatever you like in an omelet.
-Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.
-Store in ziploc container if you’re making it the night before, then microwave for 30 seconds in morning!
(Around 75 calories each)

3 egg/bacon muffins, a grapefruit, and green tea.

Leftover spinach salad with grilled chicken and olive oil for dressing. Baked zucchini and baby peppers. Apple. Unsweet tea.

-3 more “egg muffins” throughout the day
-turkey slices and carrots with mustard
-bowl of fresh fruit


-Salad bar: Lettuce, egg, broccoli, olives, banana peppers, onion, cauliflower, cucumber, pepper, olive oil & vinegar dressing. (x2 ;) I got a little excited that there was endless salad waiting for me to go back)

-Green beans & baked chicken

After dinner, my boyfriend and I went to the driving range and I guess we burned off all of our salad because we wanted more afterwards..yep, salad bar round 3

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