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I just ate a slice of heaven. Well, sipped it atleast.

I had a craving for something sweet and I just froze bananas yesterday knowing they are great in smoothies. I made a CocoChocoNana protein shake. Seriously, tasted JUST like the chocolate-banana milkshakes I used to get from Steak n’ Shake. The difference? About 600 calories, 15g of fat, and 80g carbs.

CocoChocoNana Protein Shake:

(serves 2)
-1 cup coconut milk

-1/2 cup water

-1 frozen banana

-1 scoop choc. egg white protein powder

Throw in a blender, blend, & you will enjoy :)

(add unsweetened coconut shreds to top off the treat)

* 145 calories each.

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