Just a simple WV girl, 20 y/o, studying Dietetics, and blogging my life-learned happiness of a healthy lifestyle. What is the secret? Go back to the basics...live simply.

Day 15/30…Half way through!

Breakfast: Scrambled egg whites, spinach, onion, turkey sausage. Grapefruit, strawberries. Green tea.

Lunch: Salad- spinach, broccoli, bruschetta(tomatoes, basil, garlic), turkey slices, olive oil/mustard/vinegar dressing. Apple.

Snack: (pretty much a second lunch) Turkey, tomato, broccoli, asparagus, mustard. Grapes, strawberries, frozen banana slices.

*It was also my Mimi’s 76th birthday today! Yes, I only photographed the scrumptious looking mocha cupcake…and maybe took a few sniffs :)

Dinner: My sister’s made me go against my will into getting Panera to take home for dinner. Actually it was my idea, mainly because I knew I didn’t have all the stuff to make salad at home. I ordered the “Mediterranean Chicken Power Salad” it’s on their hidden menu online & is just like the salad I made, but they give you olive oil & squeezed lemon for the dressing. SO good. And of course I got an unsweet tea on the side.

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